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"BB FlashBack Express is one of the most reliable free screen recorders in the world. We highly recommend our customers to use it in desktop video recording"
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"very handy, simple, and effective"
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"Si vous recherchez un enregistreur d'écran gratuit, facile à utiliser qui capture le son, vous devez absolument essayer BB FlashBack Express."
Opinions du Donation Coder www.donationcoder.com/
"BB FlashBack est incroyable. Ce nouveau venu dans la branche est extrêmement capable, et possède quelques tours dans ses manches que l'on a adoré, et que les autres compagnies ferait bien de copier."
The Great Software List www.anova.org/software
"Tandis que BB FlashBack est facile à décrire, il est difficile d'imaginer un produit concurrent s'approchant de son niveau de performance, son interface intuitive, et sa facilité d'utilisation."
Download.com www.download.com
"Les puissantes fonctionnalités de cet utilitaire de capture d'écran et la facilité d'utilisation nous ont impressionnés. Non seulement BB FlashBack enregistre toutes les activités de l'ordinateur en fichiers AVI, Flash ou EXE, mais il vous permet également d'ajouter du son et des commentaires de texte."
SnapFiles www.snapfiles.com
"Ce programme est facile d'utilisation, et requière peu ou pas d'expérience - cliquez simplement pour enregistrer et arrêtez lorsque vous avez fini."
BIOS Magazine www.biosmagazine.co.uk
"particulièrement utile pour créer des tutoriels, des démonstrations ou du matériel de formation, ainsi que pour créer des films rapidement en format Flash, AVI ou EXE."
IT Reviews www.itreviews.co.uk
"C'est une de ces pièces d'une simplicité trompeuse d'un logiciel qui trouvera sa place auprès de personnes qui ont dû passer des heures en ligne ou par téléphone l'assistance technique à chaque fois qu'un système ou un programme ne parvient pas à fonctionner correctement. Il a aussi un potentiel pour la création de vidéos de formation et des présentations de vente."
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Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how happy I am with BB FlashBack. I tried a competing product and wasted over 3 days dealing with huge video files, searching for codecs and compression programs. After this still did not work, I decided to try BB FlashBack and am very happy. I just installed it and it worked. Within 10 minutes I was creating and editing videos that look and sound great, and have small video files. Thanks!

Jim Romanelli

Principal Solutions Consultant, Oracle Corporation
Case Studies
Nik Peachey - British Council
Remote communication and training.
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Ross Hopkins - CBT Interactive
Finding the right demo authoring software.
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Alastair Steele-Leith - Alanna Enterprises Ltd.
The tools behind my tutorial creation business.
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Jonathan Tuppeny - J H Tuppeny Consulting Ltd
Demonstrating software skills online.
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Ben Barnes - 3DTotal.com
High performance capturing and DVD production.
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"From one software company to another, I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your product.  It is very well thought out and is one of the first pieces of software I’ve ever used where I’ve had no complaints.  I looked at about a dozen of your competitors and settled on your product after a trial.  Yours had every feature needed and worked very intuitively. "
Wade Ballance, VP Operations, Specsources Inc.

"After looking over many programs, I believe your BB Flashback Pro is superior and easier to use than many products on the market, (i.e. -competitor name-)"
Professor Anna M. Stone - University of Kentucky
"not only exceeded my expectations but you don't have to be a rocket scientist or a programmer like myself to use it... Great program, and keep up the Good Work."
Marty Potokar - Owner, EZ Data Software Solutions LLC

"It's excellent, really useful."
Geoff Minshull, Direct Learn Training

"thanks for a fantastic product"
Jesper Dudal Madsen, Dudal Webdesign

"We use BB FlashBack to record the seminars at our annual software users conference. We first used it last year, and loved the video quality and file size we got with the standalone exe files. This year, we used the new version and found it much easier to work with. Setting up, recording, and editing are much easier to work with.

Thanks for making such a great product!"
Bobby Erwin

"We've used BB FlashBack to create demos for our website, and it's worked really well. Very simple to use, and the output is nice and smooth. ... a great product."
Richard Goode, FilePlus UK

"Your product does exactly what you said it would, is reasonably priced and very intuitive to use. Well done to you and your colleagues."
Dr. Wm. J. Garland, McMaster University
"We downloaded a trial copy of BB FlashBack today to assess the product for use in the in-house production of training materials. Having used it for less than 1 hour it seems remarkably easy to get to grips with, thank you."
Steve Dawson, Quality Manager,

A H Marks and Company Limited

"BB FlashBack provides me with much more than any 'similar' program on market. It produces smaller sized movies with smother animation. With an intuitive interface it saves me time..."
Bojan Nikolic, Berg
"Thank you so much for this fantastic product (and the educational discount) which although paid for by myself, was worth every penny!"
Bob Jackson

Maths Advanced skills teacher and AQA assistant principal examiner

Sydney Smith School, Hull, UK
"You guys have done a great job."

"I've tried more than a dozen of the shareware screen capture programs, and I'm not just saying this, but your program without a doubt works the best."

"After testing several similar programs, I found BB FlashBack to be the best value. ... The program has plenty of useful features, and is easy to use. I also found the customer service for BB FlashBack to be outstanding."

"The result is fantastic."


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