Utiliser FlashBack pour les formations en informatiques

BB FlashBack … has really improved communication: it's faster, clearer and overcomes distance barriers.

…I've been able to use it almost immediately without any training.
Nick Peachy - British Council
BB FlashBack records what happens on your PC screen. This makes it great for showing students software in action and how to perform complex tasks on a PC.

If you need to produce training materials, and want something more engaging than static screenshots and text, you should try BB FlashBack – download the free trial now.
BB FlashBack Makes It Easy:
  • Record a commentary while you record the screen, or add one afterwards.
  • Add text, images and sounds to annotate your movie.
  • Export to the most convenient file format for you and your audience.
Produce Materials To Back Up A Training Session
Movies of course material could be made available to students on CD-ROM or a website, to provide a permanent reference that can be used time and again.

The BB FlashBack screen recorder helps give that professional touch, by making it simple to edit out mistakes, add comments to clarify difficult points and create high quality movies.
Record A Demonstration ‘Live’, As It's Performed On A PC
BB FlashBack employs unique screen recorder technology to capture your desktop at high frame rates with minimal impact on PC performance, so it won’t affect your demonstration.

It can also record a commentary through a microphone, and sounds made by the PC, to catch the complete performance.
Produce Online Training And Help Material
A movie of a solution to a problem says more than a mere screenshot. It shows other PC users exactly what to do, and creating this is easy with the BB FlashBack screen recorder.

It exports to Flash and WMV movie formats, which are particularly internet-friendly. They ‘stream’ to users, to start playback before the whole movie is downloaded - less waiting for your audience. 

Download BB FlashBack, start your free 30 day trial today, and see how it simplifies the production of IT training materials.


FlashBack v5
La version 5 apporte une interface mise à jour et une nouvelle apparence. Vous pouvez partager en utilisant le nouveau service FlashBack Connect, protéger les films par des mots de passe et bien plus encore...
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